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How do you become exceptional DBA?

The answer is very simple. As long we do good in my profession we will become exceptional DBA. Again, how long does it take? we cannot measure until we have finite set of goals :)…

What should be our goal to be the one? we should know our SQL Server database engine architecture. why do we need that to achieve our goal. if you know the path you can reach the destination.

It is must for all DBA’s that they must be sure of the architecture of their SQL Server database engine to do the performance tuning and to know what should be done at the time to avoid disasters and keep the healthy SQL server database to serve for the customer.

Microsoft book is the with all the details about Inside SQL Server. Just buy the book and start reading it. One day or other you be in top of the DBA Community with exceptional title.

This post is just about public interest:

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