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SSMA v5.0 (SQL Server Migration Assistant)

In my journey with SQL Server, I have come across various scenarios that people wanted to have a very good or high performing SQL Server. But,  I was not knowing how to keep my boss or customer happy by improving the SQL System performance. Later,  I slowly gain the confidence and made them happy. I myself have lot of tricks to tune the SQL or server to run faster now. 

I may be little or whole out of topic. But, In my second scenario,  I have met people working with other RDBMS technology too. So, I thought of asking them how to keep those environment with high performance. I wonder getting those answers from them. All the answers are similar to SQL Server environment. Then, I thought myself that why should people use different technology when Microsoft SQL Server giving all the features and many extra features to the business (DB & BI all in one pack). 

Those who are thinking of migrating other RDBMS product to Microsoft technology today or later. Here is the tool which helps you to do so. It is very handy and will reduce perhaps 90% of manual task. 

Try and migrate to SQL Server family.  

Now, Migrate from Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft Access to SQL Azure and SQL Server with ease! Microsoft announced today the release of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v5.0.

Free Downloads:


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