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SQL Profiler to track Database Backup and Restore events

Every DBA has a routine task everyday. As soon as they take charge of the server for the day, the process will start. 

First and foremost is reviewing the error log or trace to check whether everything went well so far. If they identify any error related to instance/Database/etc, then precautionary steps will come into picture and once it is over, system will run smoothly :). 
We are also going to discuss about the most important task that every database should have in their check list. It is a perfect latest backup of the database. I am not going to show you how to backup/restore a database. But, I will tell you how to monitor backup/restore events of the database instance in SQL Profiler.
What is SQL Profiler?
SQL Server Profiler is a GUI tool used for monitoring an Database Engine or Analysis Services instance and to monitor or record SQL Trace. 
Steps to setup Database Backup/Restore event monitor:
1. Start SQL Profiler application and connect to database instance you would like to monitor
2. Create new trace from the Blank template
3. Go to Event Selections tab and make sure to check Show all events check box
4. Now, Select the event in the event column Security Audit>Audit Backup/Restore Event.
5. Click Run button
Execute a database Backup/Restore query.
Below image shows an event triggered after firing a database backup query.
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