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Data Quality Service architecture (SQL Denali)

Dear SSIS Folks,

After the release of SQL Denali CTP1 there a various features listed by SQL experts for community members. I also wanted to show you architecture of a new service in SSIS called SSDQS (SQL Server Data Quality Services).

I am not sure about the final architecture. But, I can share an overview of the architecture.

Components of the SSDQS architecture

  1. Data Quality Services (DQS) database
  2. DQ server
  3. DQ client
  4. DQ proxy
  5. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) components.

Each component resides on SSIS platform or SQL Server instance.

Other terminology such as rules, indexed values, and Data Quality Knowledge Base (DQKB) are used while performing data quality improvement.

Another awaiting feature that is included in this version is Impact Analysis and Linage. Impact Analysis and Linage gives you the clear data flow chart of the data source and the destination during the ETL enhancement phase. It will show you the impact of any changes made in the ETL and gives you the dependency or the component during the data flow.  It also helps the developer and architect to estimate the accurate changes and project timeline, cost, man power,… respectively.

Thanks for reading this far, will give you clear details as soon as I learn about it.

Source content is from MSDN

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