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For Loop Container in SSIS

For loop is the most famous keyword in every programming language. It is sill famous in SSIS too. I am going to talk about this For Loop Container in SSIS.

It is a container that can hold or accommodate other tasks in it. It has one special feature that is iteration. we can specify an initial value, expression and an increment value to setup the execution count.

I make it very clear for you. we can setup this for-loop container task to do an action repeatedly.

In this example I will explain about this task and teach you, how to use this task.

Executing an empty For Loop container for 5 times

Step 1: Define a variable named Loopi datatype int32

Step 2: Add a For Loop Container in to control flow layout

Step 3: Edit the task and setup the properties as shown in the below diagram.

Step 4: click OK and execute the package.

A task for the readers. Add a Execute SQL Task inside the container to insert 1000 random number into a table.

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