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Files and Directories – File System Task – SSIS

File System task helps us to handle computer files in SSIS. Of course, We are using files in our daily activities such as, creating a file (excel, word, txt,etc), copying/ moving files or directory from one location to another and deleting a file from the hard drive .

It a task in SSIS that can be used to perform file operations. In typical scenario, DBA’s are asked to keep the files in a common place for the accessibility of the others in the team.
I will be talking about this task with a simple example in this article.
Mr. A is an ETL Developer for a reputed company.  He was asked to copy a file from a directory to . But, he has another constraint that he has to perform this action every day.
Now, Mr. A has two options: one is very simple that whenever he gets the request then he can go to the source directory, copy that file and paste it in the destination.
Second option is creating a package and keeps in the server SQL Agent. So, he can execute it whenever he needs or he can schedule it for auto execution.
Step 1: create a package and place file system task and edit the task
Step 2: Select the operation that we are planning to perform. In this example we have to copy a file. So, I have selected copy file operation.
Step 3: configure source connection for file path. In this, we have to create a file connection to locate the source file. We can also use variable to define the file path.
Step 4: configure destination location in the computer. We have to show the path in which the file should be copied. We can also use variable to define file path and if we wish to overwrite the destination file then we have to set the OverwriteDestination property to true, default value is false.
Step 5: click OK and execute the package
Task to the reader
Copy a set of files in a directory to another location using File System Task.
Thanks for reading this article
  1. Venkadesan R
    May 26, 2011 at 2:30 am

    Hi Ayyappan,
    This is an excellent article for File system task….. Keep rocking…….

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