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Execute an application using Execute Process Task – SSIS

Execute process Task can be used to execute an application inside SSIS execution flow. I will be explaining about this task with more details in this article.

This task helps us in multiple ways. For instance, we usually use files from various locations to load it in to SQL Server database. Those file might have been compress to save data transfer between computers. If you have a situation to extract that file and load the data to a database then you must do some magic J to decompress the file and perform loading task. It involves some manual task. In my previous article I have shown you how to perform file copy and more.

Now, I will explain you how to execute an application (notepad that opens a text file) when executing the package. Of course, you can execute any application such standard applications (WinWord, excel, PowerPoint,etc) and  custom application (VB.NET, C#.Net, etc). You can also pass parameters and receive output values to variable. This task can be configured with return value for the application success or failure.


Mr. X is creating a package in which he is processing a set of data from the confidential source and generation a text file. But, he must verify the text file before send it to his manager. So, he designed a package with a dataflow task with the source and destination connection as explained in the previous line. He did add an additional task (Execute Process Task)  in the control flow.


Step 1: Add the Execute Process Task

Step 2: Edit the task, Go to process tab and configure the executable application and argument as shown in the below picture

Step 3: Click ok and execute the package

Read more about this task in http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms141166.aspx

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