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Database Migration in a moment using SSMA

Migration is happening in this world for various factors. In the database world migration happens based on these factors. Low cost of ownership, high security, easy manageability and a large community to assist from beginners to expert’s level.

Let me talk about few things about the Microsoft SQL Server and the way how you can migration your current non Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft SQL Server database.

Microsoft SQL Server is the one of the best database system in this world. We have lot of audience who are using and supporting the product. This product is found to be a zero vulnerable database system during years. There are various product versions and editions available to fit in any environment with affordable budget. The best part of Microsoft SQL Server is when you purchase database engine then you will get BI Product for free. BI tools such as SSIS (ETL), SSAS (OLAP) and SSRS (Reporting).  So, we can talk more and more about this product. I would like to highlight some extraordinary features such as high availability, Server-based process, transactions.  Now I will just move on to discuss about database migration.

SSMA – SQL Server Migration Assistant is a tool that helps in migration of a database from Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and MS Access to Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure.

Yes, it is an assistant for an IT team while migration. This tool is very easy to install and work with. There are very few simple steps that will complete about 90% of your work in the migration process.

  1. Assessment phase
  2. Schema conversion
  3. Data migration
  4. Business logic conversion
  5. Validation, integration, and performance analysis

These are the few simple steps with wizards and properties to complete smooth migration process.

We have reached the final session of this are article. There are people out there to help you in your migration process. Below are the links that may help you to learn and ask questions to experts to guide you.

I just start with the simple social networking connection.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MS_SSMA

Blog Site: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ssma/

Forum: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlservermigration/threads

Latest release: http://blogs.technet.com/b/sqlman/archive/2011/05/06/sql-server-migration-assistant-ssma-v5-0-released.aspx

I hope these links will help you for smooth migration. Welcome to Microsoft SQL Server Database world 🙂

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