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Balanced Data Distributor in SSIS

SSIS is proving the best performance ETL tool for the enterprises. When we talk about enterprises it is meaning that data warehouse and the data loading. In today’s world data growth is faster than anything else (I may be wrong).  At the same time, we are investing huge amount in hardware to boost performance of the system to help the business.

Microsoft SQL Server performance team has released a new transform component for SQL Server Integration Services. It is called Balanced Data Distributor (BDD) task.

It takes an input (source data) and divides incoming rows into equal proportions and sends each output to different destinations using output pipeline.

We might be wonder how it works. It is very simple logic behind it. You are very familiar about this in modern computing. Yes, it is called Parallelism (simple multi-threading mechanism).  It utilizes resources such as multi-processor and multi-core during the data transformation. The significant benefit of the component is that it works in memory so the speed will be the advantage.

This component does not require any additional settings to customize. So, it is easy to use. The best performance can be seen in the servers not on laptops.

A sample screen shot of the component

Download directions

Click on this download now link and download the .docm file and open it. Enable security to access the data in the document. Now, click the accept button at the bottom of the T&C document. Now, select the process type in which you will install this component x86 or x64.

Download and install the component in a machine and add the BDD component in the SSIS using BIDS.

Download now

Source Microsoft Blog

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