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24/7 community support for SQL Server

We already knew SQL Server is the most popular Microsoft product in data platform.

So, many professionals are joining SQL Server community for the better career. As soon as they enter into new platform, their learn process get started with the technology journey.

I am always excited to participate in the discussions and answering questions in the SQL Server forums. I also recommend people to visit these forums for any problem before they start general search.

In Today’s topic, I will showing you a place where you can find plenty of questions and answers that you may need in future or for now.  Here it is!

Welcome to the MSDN Forums!

Forums home page

Microsoft MSDN forums are the discussion point of Microsoft products. You can see lot of MS products related discussion board links. Those forums are handling by Microsoft employees, MVP’s, Technology Specialists. There is no restriction in participation. So, anyone who has the answer to questions can join the discussion and help community members with answers.

To make this article to be part of your website bookmark. I am going to show the path for the SQL Server & Business Intelligence forums now.

Below given links are technology specific forum.

Apart from all these links Microsoft Support Center is the most powerful one. It helps you by providing solutions to Microsoft SQL Server instantly.

SQL Server Solution Center


Thanks for reading.

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