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A fine flow of data in SSIS

Data often moves from one place to another. In this information age we don’t get information without proper data.

In business, data might be scattered across various geographical location and in different format too. Decision making is very critical with dirty quality.

ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) and ELT (Extract, Load and Transform) have evolved to create a framework for the dataflow in the enterprises.

Transformation is the process of converting the incoming data to the decided shape. In simple word, Data Quality or Data Cleaning takes place in the transformation zone.

Data Flow Task in SSIS

The Data Flow task is a work space to construct the path for data flow. Data flows consist of a Data Source task, Transformation task(s) and a Data Destination. We can define multiple data flow in a single task.

Data Flow task contains various properties that help developers to configure a high performance package for the data flow.

Data source, Transformations and Data Destination tasks

There are plenty of data with different formats are available now. These are the Data Flow Source task available in SSIS.

Data can be transformed from one structure to another. SSIS contains ample of transformation tasks as shown in the picture

Data Destination

Once the data transformed into the desire format we need to write in the disk. So, Data Flow Destination task with different providers helps to accomplish this task. These are the different data destination store available in SSIS.

For more information read MSDN article.

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