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Dynamic coloring in SSRS Reports

Coloring is the most interesting part of reports. It gives more value to the sensible data.  Good examples for the data the needs color are financial data, Statistical data, and weather and so on.

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) is the reporting tool in the SQL BI suite. It is great tool for the developers to develop reports quickly and easily. There are various features that enrich the enterprise reports. But, in this post, I will be showing you how to color the table cells with expression.


I have a report with currency data in table component. I need to show the currency value less than 1 with highlighting color.

I will be using adventureworks database to get the CurrencyRate table in this example.


Step 1: Create a new Report project and add data source, data set and report

Step 2: Configure Data source that connects to the Database and Click OK.

Step 3: Define the data set to query the data from the data source and click OK.

Step 4: Define the report and add Table component and add the columns in to the table component.

Step 5: Adding expression to the table cell background color property. Click on the [EndOfDayRate] cell. Go to the Properties>Fill>BackgroundColor and click the value drop down menu and select expression…

Step 5: Click preview tab and see the output.

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