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Conditional Data-flow

SSIS has plenty of ways to carry the data from a source to data flow destination. In data transformation, we may in to a situation to split the data from the source to different destination. SSIS is a beautiful tool to handle data row by row.

In this article I will be talking about the conditional split transformation task.

Conditional split transformation task redirect the incoming row to a specific output pipeline based on expressions.

For instance, Postal office categorize mails based on the zip code to make the delivery process much faster

In today’s sample package design, I am going to use conditional split transformation task to redirect the source result set to different destination.


Step 1: Create a SSIS package and add a data flow task in to it.

Step 2: Go to data flow environment then add ado.net data source and configure with Adventreworks relational database.

Step 3: During the table selection use Person.Address table as a source table.

Step 4: Add a conditional split task and connect the ado.net source task with conditional split.

Step 5: Add 2 expressions to define the case for the row splitting. In this demo, I have defined two equal (==) conditional expressions to split the rows based on the zip-code.

Step 6: Add Union all task for the testing purpose. Because, Union all task can receive multiple input pipelines.

Step 7: Execute the package and see the output with the data viewer.

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