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SQL SERVER – Create a duplicate column during data flow – SSIS Copy Column

We may need to create a duplicate copy of a column in the data flow. There are various way to achieve this. But, SSIS gives us a simple way to make a copy of a column during the data flow.

Copy Column Transformation

It helps developer to create a copy of column(s) in the data flow. So, we can use the newly created column or duplicate column for some other purpose instead of using original source column. for instance, we can use copied column for data type conversion, case conversion, for aggregation, etc.


Step 1: Create a new package. Add a Data Flow task and go to design environment. Now, Add a data source task and configure with a valid table in a database.

Step 2: Add Copy Column Transformation in data flow layout and connect pipeline of data source task with copy column task.

Step 3: Open copy column editor and  select columns you want to duplicate in the data flow.

Step 4: Add a union all task and connect copy column task with it. To view the result during package execution, just add data viewer between copy column and union all task.

Step 5: Execute package and view the result.

For more information about Copy Column Transformation.

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