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Create multiple dataset from single datasource

Duplication is a very common term in data warehouse environment. We may call it as redundant data. During data transformation process we may need a  dataset for multiple requirements. To do so, we create multiple copy of a dataset from a single source.

Multicast Transformation

Multicast Transformation helps SSIS developers to simply the data duplication process by getting a single input dataset and sends each row to all the output pipeline. Yes, Multicast task has single input and multiple output pipeline.


Step 1: Create a package and add Data flow task. Now, go to data flow design interface.

Step 2:  Add a data source task and connect with a table in your database.

Step 3: Add Multicast task and connect the data source task with it.

Step 4: Add two Union all task and connect the multicast task output. You can get multiple output pipeline from the task. So, each output has the dataset coming from the data source.

Step 5: execute package


MSDN link

Thanks for reading.

  1. Rodney Matejek
    June 27, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I’ll be poking around here alot to see what other gems you may have. Remember to alert the LinkedIn groups when new things are added here.

    Thanks again,,,

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