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What’s new in SSIS Denali CTP 3

We might have heard about lot of new things in SSIS Denali before the release of CTP 3. Now it is time to explore those feature our self . In my previous article, I have given download links and other useful references to learn and use SQL Server Denali.

Today, I am going to show the SSIS Denali CTP 3 new features and design interface visually.

Highlights at a glace

Generally, changes can be seen at Developer experience, Deployment & configuration  and enhancement in the existing features.

Developer Experience

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • New VSTA scripting environment (also based on VS 2010)
  • Undo/Redo
  • Shared Connection Managers
  • Icon marker (“Adorner”) to indicate Connection Managers and Variables with expressions
  • New SSIS Toolbox
  • “Getting Started” window with links to samples and videos
  • Variable window improvements
    • Variables created at the package scope by default
    • Button which allows you to move variables to new scopes
  • New data flow column mapper
  • Improved performance when loading packages in the designer
  • Simplified data viewers
  • New package format makes it easier to diff changes
  • Data Quality Services Cleansing transform

Other Features

  • Annotations auto-grow, wrap when you hit enter, and are persisted as clear-text
  • Auto-save and recovery in BIDS
  • Expression improvements
    • 4000 character limit is removed
    • New functions – LEFT, TOKEN, and TOKENCOUNT
  • Connection Managers validate in parallel
    • Can be taken “offline” individually
  • Better error messages for the Execute SQL Task
  • Option to allow automatic type conversion in the Execute SQL Task parameters and result values
  • Flat file source supports embedded qualifiers and a variable number of columns per row
  • Raw Files now include sort information
  • New Expression Task
  • Scripting engine improvements


Reference and learn more about SSIS from SSIS Team Blog. 

An introduction and walk through of SSIS Denali

Thanks for reading.

  1. Lucas Souza
    August 30, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    very good, nice a job 😉

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