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Securing Integration Services – Part 1

Security is the basic need of enterprise applications.  ETL tool (SSIS)  have to keep lot of sensitive information such as database connection string with password,  configuration file, checkpoint file and log information. So, we need to protect these vital data from unathorized users both inside and outside the enterprise.

The different layers of security in SSIS

We can group these security layers under two categories Identity and access control.


Digital signature is used to ensure the package is opened and running in trusted environment. We can configure the package with digital signature that protects the SSIS package from unauthorized users. Digital Signature helps to validate for trusted user while opening the SSIS package.

Access Control

We can use the rest of the security feature to control the access to content in the packages, package configuration stored in SQL Server, package related files (checkpoint file, logs, configuration file), and Integration Services service.

In the next post, I will be discussing each security features in detail. Thanks for reading.

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