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Confirm to delete an item from SSIS package

While designing SSIS package, we may delete some tasks which are used temporarily or intend to remove some task for other purpose. Altering the design (Add/Delete) is very normal in development scenario. But, removing item should not be a pain for the developers. Instead, it should ease the development process.

The pain killer is that we can remove confirm to delete option from SSIS design interface.

In this example I will show you the default setting of confirm delete option.

Now, I am going to delete a task from the control flow design interface. It will ask me to confirm whether yes/no.

In this example, I am going to remove check for the task confirm to delete option.

Now, I can delete task from the package easily with single delete key press.

Additional tips, SSIS Denali has Undo/Redo feature. So, don;t worry for deleting an item in the package.

Thanks for reading.

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