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Print anywhere, anytime and from any device

We are moving towards cloud technology that helps enterprise and consumer to access business data anywhere and anytime without excess expenditure. Actually, I am intend to talk about a new concept and a device in the cloud technology. Cloud print, it is a wonderful idea that we all should appreciate the inventor. They advertise the product or technology in different ways to talk about the benefits and other advantages. But, as soon as I saw that feature in their product list, it thought this is a most valuable feature for the people in remote place where the people need emergency information without email and cell phones. I thought of examples like telegraph, sending e-letter to home and friends.

For SQL Server reporting team, though we send reporting email to users everyday. we can send the report through printer directly. So, day starts early, before starting computer.

This is my personal opinion about this technology and rest you can also imagine. I shared my thoughts about the product and how we can utilize that product in the real world.

It does not have language barrier also, we can our messages in different language to different geographical location.

It is Google’s cloud print.

Classic Printers connect to the internet through a laptop or PC, and register with Google Cloud Print using a feature of Google Chrome.

Cloud Ready Printers connect directly to the internet and can register themselves with Google Cloud Print without a laptop or PC. HP’s ePrint line of printers.

Are you looking for more details? Here you go.

Share your thoughts in using cloud print.

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