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The Cloud – Cloud Storage – Part 5

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an online storage through internet connection. The cloud storage could be access either API (Application Program Interface) or Web user interface.

The cloud storage maintenance task such as backup, data replication and adding additional storage are handling by service providers. We just need to pay for our storage use. It reduce IT investment to own and maintenance of the storage infrastructure.

Among other benefits, we need to consider storing sensitive data on the cloud service providers.

  • Data Security
  • data access performance
  • Network availability between the two ends
  • etc
Cloud Storage Architecture
Hosting companies operate large data centers across geographical locations and people can buy or lease storage capacity. These data center operators in the background virtualize the storage space and expose to the customer as a storage pools. This storage space can further expand or sink as per the need of the customer.
Thought process
You can add more information about storage cloud in the comment section.
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