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DBF to SQL Server Data migration – SSIS

We have been with different database products since the evolution of Database management system.

We might have forgotten decades old database management system like DBase III, Foxpro and others.

Today, I will be trying to load data from a DBF file to SQL Server using SSIS.

You can download a sample DBF file here and you can also Download MyDBFViewer utility software for free to view the data before upload.


Step 1: Configure database connection (OLE DB).

Step 2: Create new connection with Microsoft jet 4.0 ole db provider. And, select the DBF file’s folder path.

Note: DBF file name should not be given in the database file name textbox.

Step 3: Go to All tab in the dialog box and provide dbase 5.0 value in Extended properties value textbox as shown in the picture.

Click Test Connection to validate it.

Step 4: Add a Data flow task and configure OLE DB source task with the just created connection. You can see the list of tables (DBF files) in the name of the table or the view drop down list.

Step 5: Click preview to view the data. Now, you can access DBF data. So, you can easily migrate it to the SQL Server.

Note: Make sure the filename has 8 characters only.

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Thanks for reading. You can also download MyDBFViewer utility software to browse DBF file quickly and convert to CSV format.

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