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Technology or Industry

We already know that we are in information age. Industrial and research data is growing rapidly than anything else in this world. We have lot of data management tools and application development tools for desktop, web and mobile, etc. There are always two different markets for technology in this world an open source technology (free software) and commercial technology. A person typically falls under either of this technology market.

But, there are also a tremendous changes or growth in technology. It is an essential change for the ever changing information technology world. In this situation, we always keep up with the latest technology as per our industry need or organization needs. Learning is never ending process for knowledge driven world.

I ask this question often by myself. That is, I learned technology that helps converting a design to an application or more. But, I am an industrialist? I did not mean a business man, else, industry knowledge. I wrote an article about industry verticals. In that, I have listed various industries where information technology plays a very vital role. Now a day, we cannot run or live without bits (digital computer).

Finally, my perspective of this topic is to emphasis the knowledge of industry verticals along with the technology.

Conclusion is: we must have knowledge in industry vertical and technology to develop next generation application.

I believe that this article will trigger your thoughts towards the need of technology and industry expertise.

As always, share your comments.

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