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Dancing Text – SSRS

Reports are very crucial element in an organization. Developers needs lot of functionalities to ease the development process and display business data in  more attractive way.

Text formatting is one of the category in text decoration for reports. We usually print the text horizontally. But in some case we need to print Vertically also.

Microsoft has introduced a special text formatting feature in SQL Server 2008 R2. Now, we can print the text horizontal, Vertical and 270 degree.


Step 1: Create a SSRS report

Step 2: Add a text box and input string “SQL Server Rider”. Re-size the text box vertically

Step 3: Go to text box WritingmMode property and add this expression =IIF(SECOND(NOW) Mod 2 =0,”Vertical”, “Rotate270”)

Step 4: Go to report Preview tab and refresh the report every 2 seconds.


This is called dancing text. Thanks for reading.

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