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Delay package task validation – SSIS

DelayValidation is an important property if you develop a package with dynamic connection string or custom expressions.

In this article, I will be giving an example to show you teh use of DelayValidation property in the package design.


A package has File System Task to delete a file from the disk. But, user like to make the functionality dynamic. So, user uses a package variable to refer file name to the task. Let design a package.


Step 1: Create a package, Add File system task and a package variable.

Step 2: Change the File System task property value as given in the below picture.








Step 3: Click ok. You will see the error mark on the task saying variable is empty.

Step 4: Go to File System Task property and change DelayValidation property value to True.





Step 5: Now, error should be disappeared from the design. If you run the package with empty package variable then you will get the error during runtime.

Thanks for reading.

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