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SSIS Event Handling

Events are used to alert users or administrators of any application. A complete application should have proper event handling mechanism.

SSIS has this feature to raise an event with user defined message to give more meaningful information about the operation.

Event Description
FireCustomEvent Raises a user-defined custom event in the package.
FireError Informs the package of an error condition.
FireInformation Provides information to the user.
FireProgress Informs the package of the progress of the task.
FireQueryCancel Returns a value that indicates whether the package needs the task to shut down prematurely.
FireWarning Informs the package that the task is in a state that warrants user notification, but is not an error condition.


Step 1: Create a package and add Script Task.

Step 2: Add the below script inside Script Task


 Dts.Events.FireError(0, "SQLServerRider", "This is a custom log entry thrown by a script task", "", 0)



Step 3: Execute package

Step 3: Now, go to Progress tab. You can see the highlighted message in the log information.




Thanks for reading.

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