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Case Sensitive Lookup Task – SSIS

You may have come across this situation while using Lookup task in SSIS. Case sensitive data comparison. There is no property to set the case-insensitive string comparison in lookup task. So,  We usually convert the source and the lookup data to a unique case and compare it.

I was also doing the same thing for a while and I found a simple solution that actually helped me to avoid intermediate string conversion unique case for lookup.

Solution is in the Cache mode option in the general tab of lookup task that is Full Cache, Partial Cache and No Cache.

If you use Partial Cache or No Cache then the Lookup task compares the string with case-insensitive option.

it is a cool stuff to know. But, there is a trade-off in using cache lookup or non cache lookup. You are the right person to make a decision on your side.

Thanks for reading.

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