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NULLIF(,) In SQL Server

NULLIF(Expression1, Expression2) is a SQL Server built-in function. It returns NULL value if the two given expressions are equal. otherwise, the output of the function is Expression1 and the data type of the return value is determined by the expression1.

Instance 1:

The output of the below given SQL queries are NULL. Because, both value of the expressions are equal.


Instance 2:

The output of the SQL query is the value of the expression1.

SELECT NULLIF (‘SQLServerRider’, ‘SQLServer’)

Output: SQLServerRider


Output: 20

Alternate method with CASE expression:

CASE expression can be used to implement the same scenario instead NULLIF() function


DECLARE @Expression1 varchar(20) = ‘SQL Server 2012’
DECLARE @Expression2 varchar(20) = ‘SQL Server 2008 R2’
WHEN @Expression1 = @Expression2 THEN NULL
ELSE @Expression1

Read further about ISNULL() function

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