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About JSON – Part 1

JSON (JavaScript Object notation) is a language independent and lightweight data format that is widely used in the computer applications to interchange data. This format is serving as an alternative format to XML. Some of the other data interchange formats are OGDL, YAML and CSV. Google also developed its own format called Google Protocol Buffers and it is not part of data interchange language.

It is human readable format as other standard data interchange formats. It represents data in two structure

1.Object, it is a collection of name and value pair.


{ “<Name>”: “Value” ,

“<Name>” : “Value”



    "firstName": "Ayyappan"

2. Array: It is an ordered list of values define in JSON format.



“ArrayName” : [ “Value1”, “Value2”, “Value3″….”ValueN” ]



    "RBGColors": [ "Red", "Blue", "Green" ]


This is just an introduction about JSON data format and I will talk more about JSON data format in the upcoming blog post.

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