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Migrating Database schema to SQL Azure using DAC

DAC Fx is a Data-tier Application framework that helps developer to deploying, versioning and migrating databases. We can use DAC to migrate database to SQL Azure.

In this blog post, I am going to show the simple steps to migrate a database schema from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Azure using DAC utility.



I have a database named “Currency” with two tables (Currency, CurrencyRate). These tables are copied from AdventuresWorks2012. So, It is easy for you to create a database with these tables in your machine.

In this demo I will be extracting DACPAC file from source and Deploy it in SQL Azure.

Step 1: Extract DAC from the Source database.

pic1Step 2: Create BAC Package file using Extract DAC wizard.

pic2Click Next

pic3Select path for BACPAC file storage and Click Next

pic4Validate the settings and click next

pic5We have successfully created the DAC Package file. Click Finish now.

Step 3: Open SQL Azure portal

pic6Click Deploy button

pic7Select the DAC package file and click submit.

pic8Step 4: Go to Administrator page and click Refresh button.


We have now migrated the Currency database schema to SQL Azure.

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