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What is EIM? – SQL Server 2012

Enterprise Information Management (EIM): It is an important part of business to make quick decision with quality data. In this digital world data is spread across different platforms and in different formats. The pain of every business now-a-days is to integrate data from different sources and clean them to make it meaningful for quick business decision-making.

We have been hearing this acronym EIM from Microsoft along with the product SQL Server 2012 release. Microsoft has introduced this platform for business to handle data integration, data cleaning and master data management. These three components are grouped together to provide a powerful data platform for every business. EIM platform are provided to customers as a core part of the SQL Server Enterprise database license at no additional cost. This is wonderful. We may not get like this anywhere.


EIMData Quality Services (DQS): Cleanse

DQS is a wonderful service that helps us to clean data as per the business standard. It is not only remove data issues but provide knowledge based data analysis to clean the data. Quality data cleaning is very important to business to make right decision.

“Data Quality Services enables you to cleanse, match, standardize, and enrich your data so you can deliver trusted information for your business intelligence, data warehouse, and transaction processing workloads.” -MSFT

SSIS Task:


Master Data Services (MDS): Manage

Master Data management is another piece of business data. MDS helps business to maintain business domain data more accurate and provide central repository. It helps business users to manage data governance across enterprises. It helps enterprise applications to have consistent  key business entities.

“Master Data Services provides a central data hub that ensures the integrity of information and consistency of data is constant across different applications and that end users can manage their own data with IT oversight.” – MSFT

Integration Services (SSIS): Integrate

This is a data integration and processing tool called ETL. This tool is one of the best ETL tool in the market that satisfies all needs of the business. It connects to various data platforms to pull data from and put it in SQL Server or other third-party data storage engine.

We can handle DQS and MDS inside SSIS. So, we can do data cleaning and processing on the fly.

“Integration Services is a data integration platform allowing you to Extract Transform and Load (ETL) both Microsoft data and non-Microsoft data sources without any coding.” – MSFT


Microsoft EIM DataSheet



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