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ODBC Destination – SSIS

ODBC Destination task is used as a data source destination task in SSIS package. ODBC supports bulk upload. So, we can upload data faster now. There are two data loading options available in this task.

  1. Batch – It is the most efficient insertion method. It is manged by batch size value. If batch method is not supported by the provide then it chooses Row by Row option automatically.
  2. Row-by-Row – This method uses SQL Execute function to insert rows one at a time.


I am going to use my old package that I used in my previous blog post. I have already create a table for the destination task. Because, we cannot create destination table in design mode as we can do with OLE DB or ADO Net.

Step 1: Add ODBC destination task and connect with ODBC source

pic1Step 2: Edit ODBC destination task and select data source, table and map columns between source and destination.



pic1We have configured the ODBC destination task.

Step 3: Execute package.

pic1We have learned to use ODBC destination task in this blog post.

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