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SQL SERVER – Time Tickers @@TIMETICKS – @SQLServer

A tick is an arbitrary unit for measuring internal system time. There is usually an OS-internal counter for ticks; the current time and date used by various functions of the OS are derived from that counter.

How many milliseconds a tick represents depends on the OS. On MS Windows, there are 10,000 ticks in a millisecond.

@@TIMETICKS – It is a SQL Server system statistical function and it returns the number of microsecond per tick. The amount of time per tick is truly based of the computer. Each tick on the operating system is 31.25 milliseconds, or one thirty-second of a second.


pic1I just got this number when I executed this query “Select @@TIMETICKS” in SSMS. Now the time for experiment. Just execute the same SQL query in your machine and paste your result in this blog comment section.

You can also learn about DateTime.Ticks Property in .NET framework.

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