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Balanced Data Distributor – SSIS 2012

Balanced Data Distributor Task is used to distribute the incoming data to the destination uniformly. This task can send the data to one or more output pipelines to destination using threading. So, we can get better performance in the data loading from slow data source like flat file and etc.

This task is available for SQL Server 2008/R2 and SQL Server 2012.

Download Balanced Data Distributor (BDD) Task for SQL Server 2012.


Prerequisite: Install the BDD component in your system before implementing this demo.

In this demo, I will be using AdventureWorks2012 database table “SalesOrderDetail” to a dummy destination to show how this task is distributing the incoming data to destination.

Step 1: Create a package

Step 2: Add a Data flow task. Add a ADO.net source task and connect to Adventureworks2012 database.

Step 3: Add BDD task and connect ADO.Net source with it. There is no special settings for BDD task for data distribution. It takes care of it by itself.

pic2Step 4: Add 3 Union All tasks to the Data flow and connect the BDD output to each task.

pic3Step 5: Execute this package.

pic5As you can see the execution, the total incoming rows are 121317 and the BDD distributes the rows to three output equally as (39888, 39888 and 41541) rows. Usually, we should connect BDS output to same destination finally.

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