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Filegroup_ID, Filegroup_Name and FileGroupProperty functions – SQL Server

File Groups are named collections of files in SQL Server to organize data files. There are more information available to share about file group. But, I will explain about it in my future blog. In this blog post, I am going to show you how to use file group functions in SQL Server. These functions are more useful, if you write an application or T-SQL to perform administration tasks.

FileGroup_ID(‘File group name’) : This function returns filegroup identification number for a given filegroup name. It returns an integer value.

FileGroup_Name(File group id) : This function returns filegroup name for a given filegroup identification number. It returns a Nvarchar value or length 128

FileGroupProperty(‘File group name’, ‘Property’) : This function returns filegroup property value of a given file group name and property name. Available property names for this function are IsReadOnly, IsUserDefinedFG or IsDefault. It returns an integer value 1 = true, 0 = false or NULL = error.

We can also use catalog view to get all information about database file group.

sys.filegroups : This catalog view returns filegroup information.

sys.sysfilegroups : This is a system table used to get the file group information. This will be removed from future SQL server version. So, use catalog view in the new application design.


I have already created a database with few user defined filegroups as shown below


1. FileGroup catalog view and system table query example


2. Using filegroup functions


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