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Data Compression utilities 7-zip and zopfli

Data compression is the process of reducing the size of a data file. There are two types of compression technique available in IT Lossy and Lossless. Lossy compression removes unnecessary information from the source and we loss data. Where lossless compression keep the original data unchanged.

In this blog post, I am going to share two compression utilities that are useful for us.

7zip :

It is an open source software and we can use this in a computer in a commercial organizations. Some of the special features are

  • Open architecture
  • High compression ratio
  • Strong AES-256 encryption
  • Ability of using any compression, conversion or encryption method
  • Supporting files with sizes up to 16000000000 GB
  • Unicode file names
  • Solid compressing
  • Archive headers compressing

It does have SDK. So, we can use this in our application and make use of this utility and save lot of disk space.

Download 7-zip now

zopfli :

This is a new open source compression algorithm developed by Google. Zopfli Compression Algorithm is a new zlib (gzip, deflate) compatible compressor. This compressor takes more time (~100x slower), but compresses around 5% better than zlib and better than any other zlib-compatible compressor we have found.

The main advantage of this algorithm is to make faster data transfer and reduced Web page load time. Zopfli is a compression-only library and we can use an existing software to decompress the data.

Download Source

Zopfli Data compression – PDF

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