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Package Configuration Editor – SSIS

We already know that we can store configuration details for SSIS packages in different location and map the package to read the value using BIDS. Please refer this link to learn about Integration Services Configuration. It helps us to deploy a package in different environments by just copy the source package and the configuration to the destination environment without trouble. In some case, we may need to store the configuration and package in different locations and want to map the location of the configuration details without editing the package using BIDS. In this can, we have a tool to accomplish this task.

There is a tool that make our life easier in updating the configuration location details without editing the package using typical BIDS. This is an open-source tool available in codeplex. This works well for SSIS 2008 and 2008 R2.

Download Package Configuration File Editor


Step 1: Install this utility in your machine

Step 2: Open the utility and provide the necessary value as shown in this image.

pic1Just 4 steps. Now, we are done with mapping the configuration location for the package  without pain.

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