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Insert value to an Identity column – SET IDENTITY_INSERT – SQL Server

We all know that we cannot insert a value to an identity column in a table using insert statement. Yes, it is true. But, there is a way that allows us to explicitly insert  and not update a value in the identity column.


This is a set statement that allows user to inserted a value into the identity column. It allows us to do so when this set statement is on otherwise we cannot insert value to identity column.


SET IDENTITY_INSERT [ database_name . [ schema_name ] . ] table { ON | OFF }

In this statement database name and schema name is optional. But, we have to use a valid table name along with on or off switch in the set statement. User should have valid permission to perform this operation.


I have already designed a table with identity column. In this first example, I am going to update an identity column to see what is the error message does SQL Server return to the user.

Updating Identity column

pic1Now, inserting a value in to an identity column

pic2Now, I am going to do explicit insert to an identity column using IDENTITY_INSERT set statement.

Current values in the table

pic1Delete and insert a row with value to an identity column. RowID column is the identity column in this table.

pic2Now, I have inserted a row with value to an identity column. But, using this statement we can also insert duplicate identity value to a table. SQL Server will not check for duplicate identity value using  when we use SET Identity_Insert and Insert statement. So, we have to use Primary or unique key constraint to keep valid identity values in the table.


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