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Parsing SQL statements – SET PARSEONLY – SQL Server

SET PARSEONLY: This set statement configure the current session to parsing only mode. So, it parses all the sql statements given by the user. But, If there is an error in the syntax of the statements, it will throw an error message. ParseOnly set statement does not compile or execute the sql statements. Parseonly set statement should not be used in the stored procedure or functions.




1. Parseonly statement is OFF. Now, we are executing an error less sql statement.

pic1It compiled and executed the given SQL statement.

2. Parseonly statement is ON, Now we are executing a sql statement with error and see what happen?

pic2it throws an error because the SQL statement was missing character *
3. Pareonly statement is ON, Now executing an error free statement.

pic3Now, it does not returns any result. Because, the parseonly set statement is on.

You can also learn about SET NOEXEC.

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