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SQL SERVER – Data Comparison and Synchronization Tools – Voting

We are living in the digital world and we are also dealing with tons of data everyday. At the same time, we have lots of data management tools for various purpose for enterprises to manage the data efficiently. So, We are typically using these software to store, process and manage large amount of data. But, we often need an additional set of tools to accomplish some special tasks such as comparing data stored in two different tables, Data export and import, schema synchronization, database server administration and etc.

In this blog, I am going to list some of the well know SQL comparison tools. I found some  tools online via advertisement and some of them are heard in social media and others. But my intention is to just give a list of all the tools in this blog post and I would like to ask readers to vote for their favorite tools given in this list or they can add the new tool name that they are using at work.

This is a list of SQL Data comparison and synchronization tools. The order number is not the rating.

  1. TableDiff Utility – FREE command-Line utility from MSFT
  2. SQL Server Data Comparison Tool in Visual Studio 2010
  3. Red Gate SQL Compare
  4. Idera SQL Comparison Toolset
  5. ApexSQL Diff
  6. dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server
  7. Open DBDiff     –    FREE download from Codeplex
  8. SQL Admin Studio
  9. DBComparer    – FREE Download
  10. SQL Delta
  11. AdeptSQL Diff
  12. DB Ghost Change Manager

So, please write about your favorite tool in the comment section.

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