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Data Storage – Online Storage Companies and Website links

Online storage is a way to keep our personal and business data securely in the remote location (on cloud). The concept of online storage is not new to us because we already have online music and other data storage in the early stage of Internet evolution. Now, the could technology and high-speed internet help use to store and access the data efficiently in the remote (public or private) storage. Learn about cloud here.

So, In this blog post I am going to give a list of different cloud storage providers name with website link. This post is only for information purpose and I am not recommending any product through this blog post.

Online Storage

  1. Apple iCloud
  2. Amazon Cloud Drive
  3. Google Drive
  4. Dropbox
  5. MEGA
  6. Microsoft SkyDrive – This name will have to changed in the future. Story reference.
  7. JustCloud
  8. SugarSync
  9. Egnyte
  10. YouSendIt
  11. OpenDrive
  12. Mozy
  13. Online Storage Solution
  14. Carbonite
  15. Box
  16. Omemo – Free Open source social storage.

This is just my list of company names that I would like to share with you. There may be a tons of online storage companies in the market with attractive offers for customers. So, I am not recommending any names for the readers here. But, you can share your thoughts in the comment session.

These companies offer free and paid storage with unlimited storage. Mostly, free service offers are allowing up to 5 GB storage space. Paid storage is for small to large enterprises and they can choose the storage limited as they need. So, it all about how much you use and you will pay for it.

I hope these list will be useful to you.

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