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FTP Task Connection Error – Unable to service PORT commands 500 LPRT

This blog post is about an issue I faced while implement SSIS package communication with FTP server. For simplicity, I am going to assume a scenario as a web hosting server with FTP access.


My task is to design a package to upload a file to FTP server. I can login to FTP server using FTP tools and perform file system operations such as create, copy, paste and etc. But, my requirement is to automate the process. It is simple that a file need to be copied from a local machine to remote server every hour.

I did design a package that is not very difficult to do and configured the FTP connection and connection tested successfully. But, when I execute the package it throws an error as given below.

Error description

SSIS FTP Task ——————————  An error occurred in the requested FTP operation. Detailed error description: 200 Type set to A 500 Unable to service PORT commands 500 LPRT not understood

I just put the error description in google to find the solution and I found the following reference. It is useful to understand why this problem occurred and not helping me to resolve it.

Microsoft link : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/281193

I did not search further that it may take some more time to resolve and I continue my development. So, I just start looking for some settings to alter connection properties to make the connect successful. Surprisingly, I saw an option in the FTP connection manager to set the connection in passive mode.

I checked that option and executed the package. This time package executed succeeded.

Solution is

Setup FTP connection in passive mode solve this problem.

FTP connection manager screen shot:


Further Reading

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