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Data Type Mapping between SQL Server and Oracle

The most important task in the data migration between different database platforms is the data type matching. We often get lots of error during data migration because of incompatible data type in different environment. Sometimes data loss may also occur. So, we have to carefully match the data types during the database migration.

In this blog post, I have chosen one of the most popular database system Oracle to compare the data type with SQL Server.

Microsoft has a tool called SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant). It helps organization to migration Oracle database to SQL Server with all database objects, PL/SQL and Data. This is a handy tool for the database migration project.

I have already talk about SQL Server data types in my earlier blog post. So, I am going to start defining data type matching now.

SQLServertoOracle_DatatypeMappingThis data type matching cheat sheet is created for my personal use. You can also download the PDF version of this document using this link. MicrosoftSQLServertoOracleDataTypeMapping.

You can also refer to the Microsoft website to get some more details about data type mapping flexibility and limitations.

Please share your database migration experience in the comment section. Thanks for reading.


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