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Split a file into multiple files using 7-zip utility

We may need to compress a huge file to reduce its actual size for storage or transmitting to remote locations. Sometimes, even the compressed file may look large than we expected. So, we may wish to split the huge file into multiple reasonable small chunks for storage or transfer.

There are various compression software available now-a-days. But I am going to use an open source software.

In my example, I am going to split a 484MB file into multiple files of size 128MB.

Step 1: My file


Step 2: Executing the following command

7z  a SplitMyData -mx0 -v125m MyData.txt

Color coded texts are the 7 zip’s arguments

a = Archive

-mx0 = No compression

-v125m = split size 125 MB

SplitMyData is the file name for file splitting

MyData.txt is the source file

After this command is executed we will get the output as shown below.

pic1So, now we got the files of size we want and it is very simple to do so. This will be really helpful to transfer large file in the slow network.

In the next blog post, I will talk about merging these files into original file.

Full list of 7-zips arguments is given below:


Thanks for reading.

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