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Database Image Viewer – SQL Server Utility Software

This is a SQL Server database utility software used to browse data in the table. This software has two simple screens one for SQL Server authentication and database object selection. The second screen is to browse table data. It is not like typical table browser application. But, if a table contains images then this software will display it along with the other columns.

Screenshots of the ImageViewer software

1)  Authentication and Database object selection screen


This window contains three sections

1. Provide SQL Server Authentication

2. Connect to Database server

3. Select database and table. Finally click browse button.

2) This is the data viewing screen

pic2We got three buttons in this window

1. Back -> go back to the home screen

2. Load Data – > This action will load the data in the grid

3. Close – > Close the application.


You can download this software here  –  BrowseImagesInDB.

After download is completed. We have to rename this application file extension with EXE instead PDF.

Thanks. Please write your comments below.

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