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Graphical Interface for BCP – SQL Server Utility Software

Data Export and Import tool

BCP – It is a utility software comes with Microsoft SQL Server. It is a command line tools and very helpful for data transfer between files and SQL tables. It is the simplest and fastest way to transfer data between SQL Instance or different DBMS with data files.

By default, BCP output file does not contain the file formatting or data type information. So, we have create the format file for the data we export using this utility. Other wise, we will not be able to import the data back to SQL Server table.

For more information, please refer Microsoft TechNet documentation.

GBCP – Graphical BCP – Download now

It is a simple 4 step process to Export/Import data in SQL Server. This interface will remove the pain of typing the BCP command in command prompt interface for execution.

This tool is mainly developed to provide an interface for command line BCP utility. GBCP will not replace the original BCP. Because, BCP is the core utility developed and available with SQL Server. So, Users should aware of this before downloading this graphical user interface for BCP.  GBCP executes the currently mapped version of BCP utility in the user’s computer. Because, we may have multiple versions of BCP utility in a machine if we installed multiple versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

GBCP interface does cover only the basic options available in BCP utility. In the future release, GBCP will have all options to help users to use this interface extensively.


User Interface of GBCP utility


1. SQL Connection

  • Fill SQL Server connection information and connect to server

2. Select the BCP option

  • in (Import data in to a table)
  • out (Export data to a file)
  • queryout (SQL Query data export to a file)
  • format (Create Format File)

3. Select database objects

  • This is an editable object selection text box. We can select the existing table or view for export or give a table name for import.

4. BCP operation setup box for each BCP option

  • This setup box will show all necessary options and file location text box to create output file, format file and etc.

BCP Generic Option

These are the BCP options used internally by BCP. We can specify the new value to override the default value while executing the BCP command.

BCP Command

This is a multiline text box that will have the full BCP command that is executed. It is given to user for reference.

Error File

Error file will be created for each execution. It will have the error messages if any while transferring data using BCP utility.

This GBCP interface is tested by single user. So, if you catch any errors please do not hesitate to send in to me. It will help the utility to be more robust.

Download GBCP

(This file name is given as GBCP.pdf. But, you have to rename it to GBCP.exe after download)

Please write few lines about this utility in the comment section. Your new ideas are most welcome. Thanks.

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