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Can you identify file type without extension

November 17, 2016 Leave a comment

We may come across this situation when we get a file with out extension or given incorrectly. But, we have options in some operating system that will search and match the program associated with the unknown file type.

I had situation recently, a file with incorrect extension. I was trying to open the file in text edition (binary mode) to identify the file type manually. But, I could not do it simple reading the file content.

Finally found a tool that does what i was trying to do manually. This is light weight tool with easy to update external data dictionary for file finger print matching data.

Utility software details:


is free for personal / non commercial use.


Direct download:

TrID is free for personal / non commercial use.

 Win32  TrID v2.24, 47KB ZIP(PGP sig)
 Linux/x86  TrID v2.24, 357KB ZIP(PGP sig)
 Linux/x86-64  TrID v2.24, 421KB ZIP(PGP sig)
 TrIDUpdate v1.00, 1KB ZIP (Python 2.7.x required)
 TrIDDefs.TRD package, 982KB ZIP (7647 file types, 15/11/16)
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