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Connect to SQL Server in R without ODBC DNS connection

September 25, 2015 3 comments

In the previous post, I have explained the steps to connect to SQL Server with ODBC DSN.

In this blog post, I am going to connect to SQL Server without ODBC DSN. But, will be using driver name instead.

Step 1: RODBC must be installed in R. Please read (Connect to SQL Server in R for detail)

Step 2: Load the RODBC library


Step 3:Connecting to SQL Server with Driver name

MSConnection <- odbcDriverConnect(“DRIVER=SQL SERVER;SERVER=.;Trusted_Connection=Yes”)

This connection point to the default database initially. But, we can run USE statement to change the database.

sqlQuery(MSConnection, “USE test”)

Step 4: Read the table data to a variable

mydata <- sqlQuery(MSConnection, “Select * from dates”)

Step 5: Display data by just typing the variable name in R command environment


Step 6: Close the connection


RODBC documentation

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